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Nigeria Freight Forwarders company services

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Nigeria Freight Forwarders services

For international trade deals to be completed, exportation  and importation of goods and services must occur this is one of the duties of Nigeria freight forwarders. This is the role of freight forwarding company to facilitate the smooth transit of the goods to meet up with delivery at the port of destination. Freight Forwarding company plays vital roles in terms of packaging, documentations, shipping cost negotiations and insurance of the goods on behalf of the importers or exporters.

Nigeria Freight Forwarders are the middlemen between the importers/exporter and the shipping companies that will move the goods to the ports of destination. The profession requires thorough calculation of logistics involve to avoid

  1. Damage of the goods during transits
  2. high cost of shipping
  3. seizure of goods at ports because the goods may fall under prohibited goods for export or import
  4. schedule delivery of the goods to the clients

Functions of Nigeria Freight Forwarders

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  1. Akinmurele James
    | Reply

    It good reading from your site. I like to ask, is refined vrgetable oil/cooking oil truly banned from import to Nigeria? Because the CBN included it in the list of 41banned items but said people csn do the import on their own.

    I like to know the true situation


    Akinmurele James

    • Michael Adewale
      | Reply

      Good day to you. thanks for your question. refine vegetable oil is been banned for importation to Nigeria. Don’t let people push you into debt. Customs, NAFDAC, NDLEA and others will vet the container or the pallet not CBN. If they discover you have played them, they can seize it. Kindly import items and goods that are not contraband. Thanks

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