When it comes to moving goods from one town, country to another. You can rely on our satisfactory services to move your goods with secured tracking systems. All goods in our custody are secured, free of theft.

Pick-Up Services: We take all stress away from all our customer by rendering transport service to move goods from your suppliers' warehouse to our warehouse in the country you are importing from. Our pickup services will incur additional charges. All we need is the address for pick-up. Distance can't be a barrier so far it has geographical location.

Door to Door Delivery

We competent to deliver your goods from seaport or airport to your offices, homes, warehouses and your company. We will see to secured transportation of your goods from ports of loading to your doorsteps and vice versa. Our delivery team will handle your shipment with care to avoid damages during ports to delivery location transit time.

Cargo Haulage  and Logistics

One of the challenges some exporters and importers face is the transportation of their goods from point of loading to ports terminal for shipping lines loading. We will put in place mechanism that we easy movement of goods to its destinations. We can also  arrange moving your cleared goods from airports or seaport to your warehouses, homes and offices to anywhere. Just tell cargo haulage needs, we will deliver your goods