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Distinctcushy Freight is the leading Freight Forwarding company in Nigeria. We have team of experts in customs documentation, Shipping, packaging, customs clearance. Our scope is on both export and import of goods and services

Customs Clearance Services

Clearing of your goods and cars made easy

When you handle your shipments to Distinctcushy Freight, whether in bulk or some quantities, we will deliver your goods as schedule. Distinctcushy Freight has vast information on the best ways to handle documentation, tallying of the goods and protect your interest in saving cost for the importers. We take care of your shipment with utmost perfection to avoid theft at the tarmac or warehouse, safeguard against breakage or damage of the goods on sight. The security of your goods is our priority. we have all it takes deliver your goods as schedule.

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Shipping Documentations

Process, access and secure your shipping documents

Our wide range of updated information on current policy on shipping and customs clearance internationally makes Emry Freight you best option in handling your shipping documentation. We will advise you on the necessary documents your shipments will require. giving us the opportunities will be the best decision you will make ever in shipping documentation. We have all it takes to secure your next shipping plans

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Freight Forwarding Services

Shipping goods from and to other countries with ease

Freight forwarding is the heartbeat of international business. We understand all it takes to forward goods and to meet target. Distinctcushy Freight has the capacities to handle any inbound or outbound shipment in Nigeria, We have experts that handle all documentations and fast track all government agencies that will endorse your shipment. With your shipments and consignments with us, you will experience new level of peace in shipping.


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